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Zoho Workplace is a tightly integrated suite of productivity applications that becomes the online workplace for teams working remotely across geographies. For teams and departments in an organization that want to co-create, communicate, and collaborate meaningfully, Workplace is the suite that centralises and streamlines all team files and communications.

What Workplace offers:

Workplace puts together applications that members of an organization can use to create, communicate, and collaborate everyday. This includes emailing, messaging, and intranet apps for communication, word processor, spreadsheet and presentation tools for creation, file storage and meeting tools for collaboration.


Next generation email with top security– Mail

Workplace revolutionizes emailing by introducing email and folder sharing by tagging teammates, social media style likes and comments, contextual notes, tasks, and bookmarks, and several other apps integrated right within the inbox. Multiple layers of security and spam control make Mail the best choice of any security and privacy aware businesses, and Government organizations.


Instant messaging and calls– Cliq

Chat channels for instant messaging help in quick discussions and decisions among a group of members. These can be further extended as one-on-one audio/video calls, group calls, or screen share sessions. Exclusive Remote Work module helps employees record their availability and work hours through a simple check-in, check-out, and status updates.


Centralised file storage– WorkDrive

Teams can securely store and share organization files which may carry sensitive information. Granular levels of permissions help in defining and controlling access only to the intended audience. Files can be password-protected when shared to external parties.


Fully-featured online office suite– Writer, Sheet, Show

Workplace comes with a robust word processor, spreadsheet software, and presentation tool along with centralized file storage, helping teams create, share, and centrally manage their team files. These apps are also Zia-powered, Zoho's intelligent virtual assistant.


Organization intranet– Connect

A social media style organization intranet with focused groups, categorized forum discussions, and published files and manuals, helps members of an organization onboard and bond quickly, though physically apart. External networks help in connecting with other partners and stakeholders too.


Online meeting and video conferencing– Meeting

Video conferencing becomes essential for remote work, and hence is an integral part of Zoho Workplace. Online meetings, webinars, conferencing, training can all be hosted with a mix of media like audio, video, screens, and presentations. Interactive features like meeting chat, co-host, screen-share, make Workplace more than just another meeting solution.

Why is Workplace different? Comprehensive:
  • Workplace offers breadth and depth across all three buckets : Creation, Communication, Collaboration. A typical workday begins with checking emails, actions triggered by these emails, collaboration happens over materials created, which sparks both one-to-one and group conversations.
Unified Interface - More than just a nice view:
  • The unified dashboard, that is fully customizable gives an overall view of everything happening within Workplace, pertaining to every individual user. Interactive widgets bring to attention the most important things, and also help in taking quick actions then and there.
Social flavour:
  • All the apps have a social flavour to them. Even something as age old as Mail reinvents itself for the current generation, and builds social media style conversations into Streams, where emails are shared, commented on, and discussed, instead of forwarded and piled up. Interactive forums, chat channels with reactions and polls, co-worker tagging in email and folder sharing are few examples.
Shared Calendar:
  • Workplace comes with a unified Calendar for all apps that can be synced with external calendars too. All events scheduled, be it personal, in CRM, or Meeting are available in a single view, for better time keeping and planning.
Data Security
  • Zoho respects your privacy and goes the extra mile to ensure your data is well-protected. Emails, files, and other data hosted with Zoho are protected with advanced security measures including TFA, encryption, and S/MIME (for emails), so that only the intended recipients can view/access them. Zoho is also completely ad-free, even on its free accounts!
Scalability with mix and match plans
  • Zoho Workplace offers simple and transparent plans with no hidden charges. Businesses can save on infrastructure and licensing costs, with no need for any manual patches or installation hassles. In addition, Zoho Workplace offers organizations the flexibility to choose different plans for different users, based on the roles they are in and the level of participation required from them. These include the storage needs, the app permissions and access to premium features.
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